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Going on the internet and choosing someone you don’t know is difficult but when you make that choice and it turns out like my experience with you it made the process so much easier. I was afraid didn’t know what to expect.  I thought it was going to be long and grueling you made it short and simple.  I felt like you held my hands every step of the way. you explained everything you answered all my calls no matter how many calls I made and I made a lot!

You also knew how time sensitive my divorce was based on the fact I had big big wedding plans for 12-10-10. I can’t thank you enough for my new life in 2011!  A. L.

Alison Nazarowski, in my opinion, is one of the best family lawyers in Atlanta. I should know as I have been through my share of a few regarding my divorce and custody of my son. Although Alison did not represent me during my divorce, she did represent me with my recent Modification of Custody. I chose Alison because of her honesty, straight – forwardness and the fact that she is a fighter when there is fighting to be done. She will stand up for what’s right and not hold anything back. Also, the fact that she is a Fulton County Judge is a bonus. I needed this when I made the decision to modify my custody arrangement with my ex-husband, because the other attorneys that I had hired weren’t straight-forward or honest with me enough when I needed them to be and I ended up with a terrible 50/50 arrangement for my son. With Alison’s help I was able to get a better schedule for my son and some other issues resolved regarding my original divorce decree. Would I recommend Alison Nazarowski to anyone seeking a divorce or custody issues? ABSOLUTELY!!! In fact, I already have. C.G.